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Is your organization ready for that ERP Project?

All organizations face the challenge of whether or not and when to jump into an ERP system project. It might be that your business has been rock-and-rolling and the accounting software you've used for years "it feels like small" or is lacking functionality that you see available in other solutions. Or it might be that you have a very stable and reliable solution that has been used for years and you have done a great job keeping it up, there's almost a bond with it and you don't want to let go but "it feels old". Or you might have just come back from that Technology convention where everybody was talking about cloud solutions as a game changer so now you are seriously considering if it is time and wonder if it is "the right" time. Or it might be that the version or release that you have will be no longer supported so technically you'll be on your own.

Whatever your ERP project is, an upgrade or a migration into a different solution, there are several things to consider beyond a friendly user interface. A lot of resources on internet will tell you about different aspects to consider like financial, company culture, business operations and IT infrastructure. You probably asked your ERP system support vendor about upgrading and without hesitation they have given you a sounding "Yes!" so you perceive a somewhat biased recommendation.

The cost of an ERP project is usually measured in terms of tangible costs but there are a lot of intangibles that are usually overlooked because that are difficult to determine and calculate. Take the example of this startup back in mid 2000 for which an accounting software (the one with the Q) was a great fit. With time, the business bloomed as well as the business requirements so it was necessary to move into a different system to accommodate the flourishing business and they did move to a solution targeted for small to medium size business but, or perhaps I need to use all caps, BUT (and this is a very positive "but"), the business continued growing to the point that this company planned on going public. It turned out that auditors would not voucher for the ERP system in place to go public so the company decided to migrate, for the third time, to something more suitable and scalable; end of the history. How many resources, not just money, were spent in every transition? En ERP project it is not just about money.

We can help you assess your readiness for that ERP Project, send us a note.

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